History Edit

/wow/ started out as a meme created by Renge and Yuno Kouhai in the time up to the release of v9 of 4craft

later on the board Renge and Yuno Kouhai were in, lost its representitive and the two left their board

This same day the two created /wow/ as a board in the factions invites channel since YunoKouhai couldnt choose a board to join they, came up with the idea to make /wow/ an actual board.

General though of it Edit

Everyone basically though the meme was cancer and really horrible

The fall of /wow/ Edit

/wow/ fell due to a raid from the massive board of /tg/ in v9 after an incident regarding the borrowing of a fishing pole resulted in the accidental killing of one of /tg/'s members

/wow/ was completely destroyed by this, however YunoKouhai (the board leader) made their escape after witnessing the death of their comrades. And was the sole survivor, Yuno attempted to rebuild however the falling of oneself into the void made Yuno lose the only loot they had left from the mcwowzington bunker. And after a dozen failed attempts of getting aid from their sole ally of /~/, they completely gave up and made a proposition to the rep of /pol/ about joining them with 2 of their comrades, as well on the condition they had /wow/ disbanded.

members Edit

YunoKouhai- Co-founder and representetive of /wow/

Renge- Co-founder and was temporarily the rep of wow

Answerdanger- One of Yuno's comrades who was killed in the bunker raid

Joon/Charts- One of Yuno's comrades who was killed in the bunker raid, as well as a friend of AnswerDanger

Coty- Creator of 4craft v9 (and more?)

Cluckera- Yuno's alt discord account used to get the sixth member required for making a new board

Renge Edit

Renge was offline for most of /wow/'s time spent in 4craft v9, as YunoKouhai failed to let renge know about these events due to them thinking they were offline.

After the bunker raid Renge was was informed of wow's fall and became disapointed and considered this board to be dead