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Peak of /vg/ technology, /g/ is rumored to have sent spies to recover blueprints.

f/vg/ is a part of the United /v/dom and has a main export of autism and superiority.


/vg/ is made up of what geographers call "Earth tits". Many of these  dirt tits are covered with trees, giving /vg/ the a spectacular opportunity for both woodcutting and mining.


Amidst a neverending sea of dictators, /vg/ is united under what is known as an "apathocracy", where nobody really talks about anything government related outside of how bad /v/ is going to get fucked by /v/. While this prevents any power struggles, it also causes apathy in other aspects of the island, such as building anything, or making a decent wiki page.

In closing, we're all going to play our own games and stare at our generals while the /mcg/ guys win this thing for us.


During v7 /vg/ leader "BroBuzz" heroically raided their allies at the time, r9k while they where offline. While returning his stolen friends loot a hopeless battle occurred. A 1v1. BroBuzz had no idea how to fight 1v1 and thus was rekt in a matter of spaghetti induced jumping and swinging into the dirt beneath him while being hit with crits.