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dorf fortress


The island on which /tg/ resides is typically large, mountainous, and crescent-shaped. The biomes have historically varied between each version of 4craft, from a cold taiga in v1 to mountains, plains, and a swamp in later versions.


/tg/'s government can be best described as a representative democracy watched over by a ruling council, complete with a written constitution defining the basic rights of members, the roles of those in official positions, and the manner in which relations within and between other factions or governments should be handled.

The ruling body is split into multiple sub-governments in charge of finding ways to evince the glory of dwarves through works of art, architecture, and vigilance.

Elections are held frequently for leaders. Positions beneath ministers are typically assigned at will by council members or ruling ministers, often changing as members themselves feel fit.


/tg/ has historically been dominated by neutrality, favoring making dwarven stuff over anything else. Wartime /tg/ involves continuing the tradition of making dwarven stuff.

Rumors say that there is a faction inside of /tg/ which seeks out particular creepy crawlies of the arachnid variety for the express purpose of [REDACTED]