/out/ is an independent nation-state, and one of the larger "small" factions.


/out/ has enjoyed a much smaller island when compared to many other factions. The biome of the island is usually a wooded grassland,  and has hardly changed since v5, with the exception of adding a mountain system along the outside of the island during v6. /out/ islands contain rudimentary tunnels and caves.


Founded by Sangria in v5, /out/ is lead collectively by the Philosopher-Kings Zemei, Golem, and Sangria. However, major decisions like war, trade, and alliances are thoroughly discussed by the board as a whole. Decisions are made after careful consideration. 

The general mindset of /out/ has been described as "Switzermode," in which the island acts as neutral faction admidst the large scale conflicts between the "Axis" and /a/. /out/ will only declare war in self-defense or retaliation. But rarely has its sovereignty been threatened by another power. For the most part, /out/ exists as both a base camp for explorers and a home for the homeless, and it's members take pride in roughing it under such adverse conditions. 


v5 history

v5 started with /out/ being entirely neutral. However, things changed when /fit/ routed /trv/ and a handful of neighboring islands. Refugees from /trv/ and /an/ joined /out/, who would go on to level /fit/ with the help of some allies from /r9k/. Soon after, /fit/ yielded and agreed to stop fucking with /out/. The rest of v5 was spent hunkered down in a flying obsidian war fortress while the war between the Axis and /a/ reached critical mass and our friends at REDACTED kept burning down the damn trees. 

v6 history

v6 for us began when /out/ started to construct Cascadia, their island home. The base was quickly built with defence as a priority, while individual members built their own homes in, on, under, or around the mountain chain.

/out/ spent the iteration importing animals from surrounding islands and placing them in an underground farm, which included a number of commodities including carrots, potatoes, wheat, sugarcane, watermelons, and pumpkins. Shortly after, a villager farm was constructed, along with a zombie grinder. A pathway was built to connect the main farming complex and the grinder, as well as the rest of the cave system under the island. v6 ended without /out/ being involved in any conflict or internal strife.