/k/ is the weapons board on 4chan. Not much is known about the history of /k/ on 4craft - mostly because everyone is too damn lazy to catalog the events.

Events of V11

The start of V11 was marked by the repelling of raiders from other boards to secure the island and it's trees. The first base that was constructed was an underground bunker hidden within a mine shaft network - the entrance to which was hidden under the shore line of the island. Shortly after the construction of the hunker an infiltrator from /bant/ managed to sneak into the base and burn a significant portion of the diamond stores in retaliation for something that no one remembers. This event expedited the construction of the autism /k/ube.The bunker was still used as a staging point for /k/'s mining operations. The autism /k/ube was a floating base constructed over water and the fact that it had water-furnace walls with obsidian roof and base plate made it really fucking hard to raid effectively. /pol/ tried to raid the /k/ube late at night when no one from the faction was online and they could only crack the first layer of the roof (and that was only because the roof obsidian coat wasn't complete at the time).