/jp/ and its neighbours

/jp/ has a small, vaguely Japan-shaped island in the North-East quarter of the map, with /h/ to the North, /w/ to the West, /cgl/ and /c/ to the South-West and /a/ to both the South and East.

They are part of an alliance with /a/ and /c/. Due to the terms of the alliance, their base of operations is located on /a/'s Hokkaido, and not /jp/'s island.

The Biome sectionEdit

The island is fairly small, only 500 at its longest, although it does have an extra island off to the North. The biome is plains, forest and swamp, with taiga on the northern island.

/a/'s Hokkaido, however, is mostly taiga with a more temperate climate on the southern peninsula. The main section of the island is encased in a thick sheet of sea ice, and the centre of the island sports a spruce forest.


/jp/ is run as a benevolent dictatorship, where questioning the decisions of the authority is encouraged. Participation in organized activities is optional, but highly recommended, and those who do not participate are expected to be considerate of those who do.

The faction founder and current leader is Super☆Paper.

Hierarchically, the faction is organized geographically, with a council in charge of the fortress, and pairs of players in charge of each strategical outpost. There are also players who hold specific roles, such as lead architect, head of engineering, etc.



15/04/13 - /jp/ is founded

15/04/13 - /jp/ becomes an ally of /a/

16/04/13 - Strategical planning begins

19/04/13 - /v/ base in Northern Honshu wiped out by /jp/ and /a/

19/04/13 - /hc/ base in the ocean south of Japan wiped out by /jp/ and /a/, faction bought down to negative power, all valuables stolen.

19/04/13 - /pol/ sky fortress raided, heavy casualties inflicted on /pol/, one loss on our side, significant amount of valuables stolen

21/04/13 - /vg/ raided, heavy casualties on their side, no losses on our side*, spawn block encased in lava, entire contents of storage room stolen or disposed of in lava, minor cosmetic damage to stronghold through mixture of lava and water.
*three accidental deaths due to clumsy field engineers

21/04/13 - /mlp/ (Wonderbolts) raided. We breached their sky fortress, however due to understimation of their numbers and equipment, the operation resulted in failure with only one member of /a/ escaping alive.

25/04/13 - Dissidents, a faction including former members of the splinter /v/ faction fought at a previous date, take control of a section of /c/'s base on their island. /a/, /jp/ and /c/ launch a counterattack against the Dissidents base on /cgl/, and after a lengthy siege, their skyfort is breached and they concede and disband their faction. Moderate casualties on their side, one loss on our side.