/g/ is an island state that is part of the Fourth Reich and the South West Union.[1] The island has a population of 301 (as of April 2013).[2]


2013-04-15 13.54.25

First /g/ base on absolute first test server.

2013-04-20 — Alliance formed with /pol/

2013-04-16 19.52.07

Rest of /g/ compound on test server.


It is a generally accepted idea that /g/ should be a technocracy. However, no decision has been set in stone.[3]

Thank God The Fetus Has Risen is listed as /g/'s leader.[4]

There are two in-game faction moderators: h8o2 (cynicalswug on /g/) and Cryptic_Coke.


/g/ is situated near /po/, /toy/, and /x/.


/g/ island is entirely a taiga biome.[5]


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