Anonyme Sans Frontieres (Nicknamed "Outer Heaven") is a non-board, mercenary faction approved to be in the final version of's server. the faction has roughly 130 members in total. ASF has chosen not to side with any faction.



ASF was created by a user from /v/ named Lozoot, known on steam as "/V/ic Voss" based on "Militaires Sans Frontières" from the video game Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker where a legendary mercenary named "Big Boss" creates Outer Heaven, an army without a nation. The group, as previously mentioned, is a faction of mercenaries who provide defense/offense/intel to the highest bidder through what they call "contracts". It was the first non-board group to get approved as an official faction.


One of ASF's most notable operations to date was their contract with /tg/'s "Dorf Imperium", to defend them from an assault by /v/olcano.

ASF was also known to be one of the more autistic groups of the server, with a penchant for storing dead niggers.

Mother Base Creation on ASF Test server.Edit